The Rise of Emerging Managers: A New Dawn in Venture Capital

The Rise of Emerging Managers: A New Dawn in Venture Capital

The Rise of Emerging Managers: A New Dawn in Venture Capital 1024 614 adryenn

In the venture capital landscape, a new breed of investors is making waves. They are the emerging managers, those at the helm of their first or second funds, who are bringing fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to the table. As an award-winning film producer, TV show host, and showrunner, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of creativity and innovation. Now, as an emerging manager myself, I’m witnessing a similar transformation in the venture capital industry.

Emerging managers are increasingly capturing the attention of limited partners (LPs). They offer a unique blend of agility, innovation, and diversity that can potentially yield high returns. These managers are not just another addition to the market; they represent a paradigm shift in the venture capital landscape.

One of the defining characteristics of emerging managers is their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Many of these funds, including my own, Slay Ventures, focus on startups led by women and other underrepresented demographics. By doing so, we are not only promoting diversity but also tapping into a reservoir of untapped potential.

Another area where emerging managers are making their mark is in their choice of sectors. Many are focusing on innovative technologies like blockchain, which has far-reaching applications beyond finance. By backing blockchain startups, emerging managers are positioning themselves at the forefront of this technological revolution.

However, the strategy of emerging managers goes beyond picking the right sectors and demographics. Many, including Slay Ventures, employ a data-driven selection process to de-risk investments. This approach, which involves rigorous analysis of market trends, competitive landscape, and the startup’s unique value proposition, helps identify startups with the highest potential for success.

The rise of emerging managers is a welcome development in the venture capital industry. They bring fresh perspectives, promote diversity, and are willing to take risks on innovative technologies and underserved demographics. As the venture capital landscape continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how emerging managers shape its future.

In conclusion, betting on emerging managers is more than just a savvy investment strategy. It’s a vote of confidence in diversity, innovation, and the transformative power of technology. And if the success of emerging managers is any indication, it’s a bet that’s likely to pay off handsomely. As we continue to navigate this exciting landscape, I am optimistic about the future of venture capital and the role that emerging managers will play in shaping it.


Adryenn Ashley, a renowned figure in the blockchain and Web3 world, is the founder and managing GP of Slay Ventures, an emerging venture firm investing in future tech startups driving mainstream consumer adoption. She also hosts the globally broadcast television talk show "Minting the Future.” She is an award-winning and best-selling author, with her upcoming book of the same title focusing on the potential, pitfalls and perils of Web3 to build communities and drive mainstream adoption of FutureTech, AI, and Web3.

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