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SLAY VENTURES FIRESTARTER FUND 1, LP, A Delaware Limited Partnership (the “Fund”)


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This Questionnaire is being distributed by SLAY VENTURES, LLC, (the “Manager”) to certain individuals and entities which may be offered the opportunity to purchase securities (the “Securities”) of SLAY VENTURES FIRESTARTER FUND 1, a Delaware limited partnership (the “Company”). The purpose of this Questionnaire is to assure the Company that all such offers and purchases will meet the standards imposed by the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Act”), and applicable state securities laws. All answers will be kept confidential. However, by signing this Questionnaire, the undersigned agrees that this information may be provided by the Company to its legal and financial advisors, and the Company and such advisors may rely on the information set forth in this Questionnaire for purposes of complying with all applicable securities laws and may present this Questionnaire to such parties as it reasonably deems appropriate if called upon to establish its compliance with such securities laws. The undersigned represents that the information contained herein is complete and accurate and will notify the Company of any material change in any of such information prior to the undersigned’s investment in the Company.

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For purposes of this Questionnaire, “spousal equivalent” means a cohabitant occupying a relationship generally equivalent to that of a spouse.

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